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I hope that the new owner will have the skills and resources to STOP the Civil War that 21,000,000 Trump supporters are willing to murder other Americans to reinstate Trump as President.  I do not believe a Civil War initiated to reinstate Trump will be successful but I do believe that innocent people would be murdered in the name of Trump.  As the  walls close in on Trump to hold him accountable for the crimes he has committed, I would not be surprised if he incited his followers to murder innocent people to distract from his arrest.   It is sad that some of his followers believe they are acting at the direction of the rightful President.  In the past month or so Trump has publicly admitted that he tried to overturn the election.  Trump knew that he had lost 2 am after the election.  Trump begin talking about the only he would be defeated is if there was wide spread voter fraud.  Trump knows there was not any wide spread voter fraud but pushing the lie has made him $millions for his PAC.  Trump's  PAC is headquartered in Florida but his PAC is paying $35,000 per/month to lease office space in Trump Tower in New York.  The offices that his PAC is paying for are empty.  Money goes to his PAC then his PAC pays to lease space in his building which puts that money in his pocket.   Empty offices