White and Proud Please read the description

I have been black for over 62 years.  I grew up in rural East Texas in the heart of Trump Country.  I do not remember hearing anyone say that white people should not be proud of being white.  I was entering 5th grade when our school was closed and  we had to go to a new school.  As we entered the city there was  a sign "RESTRICTED WHITES ONLY".   was 9 years old but I knew what the sign meant.  It was old and rusty.   Knowing the history and the danger or black men and white women.  Did I mention that my our mom was a teacher on a different campus but a few of the black  teachers came to the new school.  Our previous school was 1 - 12  on the same campus.  I was a bit hesitant until the girl runs up to me blonde hair grabbed my hand and  introduced herself to me grinning ear to ear.   I am black but I have  family members from all over the work.  I am but  have an amazing wife and mother of who is Mexican.   I think our daughter was about 12 when she told me she is Blaxican.  Stay Safe and now more than ever our Democracy fight against voter suppression.